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Members associated with Edinburgh

Dr Rosalind Allen

Royal Society University Research Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy

Ricardo Almeida

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences

Douglas Armstrong

Group leader, School of Informatics

Damian Barnard

PhD Candidate, School of Engineering

Dr Perdita Barran

Senior Lecturer in Biophysical Chemistry, School of Chemistry

Dr Elise Cachat

Research Fellow, School of Biomedical Sciences

Jane Calvert

RCUK Research Fellow, Innogen

Dr Dominic Campopiano

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, School of Chemistry

Vincent Danos

Group Leader, Bioinformatics Forum

Prof Jamie Davies

Professor of Experimental Pathology, College of Medicine

Dr Alistair Elfick

Reader and Director of Centre for Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering

Chris French

Group leader, Institute of Cell Biology

Emma Frow

Research Fellow, ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum

Graeme Laurie

Centre / institute director, School of Law

Prof Gary Loake

Professor, School of Biological Sciences

Dr Hongwu Ma

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Informatics

Dr Cait Macphee

Royal Society University Research Fellow , School of Physics

Andrew Millar

Group leader, centre / institute director, Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh

John W Moore

PhD Candidate, School of Engineering & Electronics

Dr Stewart Smith

RCUK Research Fellow, School of Engineering

Prof Peter Swain

Professor, Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh

Joyce Tait

Former director and adviser, Innogen

Steve Yearley

Centre / institute director, Genomics Forum