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EU FP7 KBBE.2011.3.6-03

KBBE.2011.3.6-03: Towards standardisation in Synthetic Biology Call: FP7-KBBE-2011-5 Some of the most relevant challenges that Synthetic Biology is facing are the definition, understanding and eventual cataloguing of biological parts. The issue at stake is to bring natural existing biological modules to the point of context-independence, which will be needed for serious engineering. This includes also the pursuit of a consensus language for describing biological functions in a quantitative format, as well as a good understanding of whether existing biological systems can be re-factored to be orthogonal. Only sufficient compliance with these standards will ensure that a designed element of the system has a high chance of re-utilisation. A successful project must take into consideration, besides the scientific/technical issues, training, ethics and safety. Funding scheme: Collaborative Project (large-scale integrating project). Additional eligibility criteria: The requested European Union contribution shall not exceed EUR 6 000 000.

EuroSYNBIO Call for Outline Proposals CLOSED

The EUROCORES Scheme enshrines ESF’s goals of enhancing synergy at a pan-European level by providing a framework to bring together national research funding organisations and supporting interdisciplinary research in non-traditional areas, thereby opening new horizons in science. One of the six EUROCORES thematic areas is Synthetic Biology: Engineering Complex Biological Systems (EuroSYNBIO).

New Directions in Synthetic Biology CLOSED

EPSRC-NSF Sandpit, 30 March - 3 Apr 2009, Airlie Conference Center, Warrenton, Virginia

Wellcome iGEM Studentships PhD-funding-and-undergraduate-opportunities/WTX056624.htm

The Wellcome Trust wishes to offer a number of student stipends to support the participation of UK teams in the Internationally Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition. The aim of the stipend is to provide promising undergraduates with hands-on experience of synthetic biology during their summer vacation and to encourage the students to consider a career in interdisciplinary research.